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  Jinan Titan Ti-Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloy products with more than 15 years industrial experience. Our products are mainly used in automobiles, racing cars, aviation, ships, medical, chemical equipment and outdoor sports and leisure products.   
  Its main products are titanium alloy wheel lug screw on automobiles, engine valve spring retainer of automobiles, shift knob and custom titanium alloy spare parts; racing drive axles, cv joint and other titanium alloy parts; the Flight recorder case of Civic aircraft, custom aircraft join, sailboat & ship hardware accessories, plastic surgery & medical products, diving and safety tool,  chemical equipment, surface treatment fitting and so on.
  Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of new products and has obtained 16 national patents, including 13 utility model patents and 3 design patents. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions.
  Jinan Titan Ti-Products Co.,Ltd has been actively repaying the society since 2014, including financial sponsorship to the Weihai HRT Race Team of Harbin Institute of Technology, the Yichi Race Team of Tongji University, the Dongfeng HUAT Race Team of Hubei University of Automotive Technology, the JISU Race Team of Jilin University, the FSC Yanxiang Race Team of Yanshan University, the Qizhen Race Team of Zhejiang University, the Cloud Electrical Race Team of Hefei University of Technology, the race team of Beihang University, and other more than 30 university race teams. It offers high-strength, light-weighted, and high-precision titanium alloy parts like drive axles, minor sprockets, cv joint, and elbows to greatly improve the safety and speed of racing cars. Among those race teams, the Yichi Race Team of Tongji University ranked the first in the drag race in FSCC 2018 held in Ogasayama, Japan.

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